Bellow Seal Blobe Valve

Design Standard
API 602 and customer requirements
Size Range
NPS1/ 2′′~NPS 16′′   DN15-DN400
Temperature Range
Pressure Rating
150LB~600LB PN10~PN64

Specification parameters

Name Bellow Seal Blobe Valve
Size NPS1/ 2′′~NPS 16′′   DN15-DN400
Pressure 150LB~600LB  PN10~PN64
Temperature -20°C~350°C
Body Material Stainless steel 304,316, cast steel

Product introduction

The Bellow Seal Blobe Valve (also known as "steam globe valve"), this valve introduces foreign advanced technology, adopts double-layer bellows design, and the valve stem maintains stable running performance to avoid valve due to valve plug vibration. The rod vibrates. bellows seal globe valve At high temperatures, the stem does not come into contact with the media, ensuring zero leakage of the stem. At the same time ensure sufficient strength and toughness, you can switch tens of thousands of times. The handwheel is ergonomically designed for longer life and easy operation. The opening and closing member of the steam shut-off valve is a plug-shaped valve flap. The sealing surface is flat or tapered. The valve flap moves linearly along the center line of the fluid. It is also called a door. It is the most widely used valve. It is popular because the friction between the sealing surfaces is small during the opening and closing process, it is relatively durable, the opening height is not large, the manufacturing is easy, and the maintenance is convenient. It is not only suitable for medium and low pressure, but also suitable for high pressure. It is widely used in food, medicine, petroleum, chemical, natural gas, steel, environmental protection, papermaking and other transportation pipelines to cut or circulate media.

1. Bellow Seal Blobe Valve the main component of the metal bellows, the lower end and the stem assembly are automatically welded by welding, the upper end and the connecting plate are automatically rolled and welded to form a metal barrier between the fluid medium and the atmosphere to ensure the valve. Zero leakage;

2. The valve disc adopts a tapered design, and the sealing surface is streamlined with the medium, which has better sealing performance and longer service life;

3. Double seal design (corrugated pipe + packing) If the bellows fails, the stem packing will also avoid leakage and comply with international sealing standards;

4. The bonnet has a grease fitting that directly lubricates the stem, nut and bushing, unlike traditional oil-only threads;

5. Ergonomically designed handwheel for longer life, easy and convenient operation, safer and more reliable;

Application: hot oil system, steam system, hot and cold water system, etc.

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