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Industrial Valves Manufacturer

China Xingfeng Valve Group Co, Ltd. is a high-tech comprehensive enterprise specialized in valve development, production, engineering design, installation and commissioning technical training and after-sales service. lt is a well-known enterprise in the valve industry in China. Standardized workshops are set up to meet the needs of various production and R&D products. The leading products are: GB, APl Standard ball valve, gate valve, globe valve, check valve, sewage treatment valve, metallurgical valve series, all welded ball valve series, forged steel welded ball valve series, regulating valve series and other products. Our products are operating efficiently and widely used in power generation, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, light industry and other engineering fields.

We have professional engineers and technicians to ensure that the quality of the products meeting the standards and professional sales service system to provide a satisfactory after-sales service. 

Xingfeng Valve Group enjoys the API-6D, API607 fire proof certificates, and our products are setting foot on different continents, with great honor from our esteemed customers. 

We will keep our enthusiasm in our work and service. We are devoting all ourselves in helping you with your booming industry.

Company strength

What is the strength of our company and is it worthy of your trust?

Our strength is not only reflected in our innovative products, but also in our solid business performance and robust financial performance. For many consecutive years, our growth rate has exceeded the industry average and won widespread recognition from customers and the market. Our success is built on a deep understanding of customer needs and a quick response to market changes, ensuring that we are always one step ahead.

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Customized Service

Growing Attentive Research and Development Culture

Valve focuses on technological innovation, scientific design, and precision manufacturing. Our R&D department is dedicated to designing valves that suit the global market and contribute to industry advancements.

Throughout our developments and testing, we strictly follow quality management standards, ensuring our valves consistently perform at their best.

For 15 years, our R&D team has constantly advanced in the design and development of valves, with 7 independently developed products and 10 patents. Among our achievements, we have developed a cryogenic valve last year.

With the focus on improving our overall productivity, research is handled in both our own laboratory and a third-party 3C laboratory.

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Product quality

We Take Pride in Our High-Quality Work

Understanding how important product quality is to the success of a brand, places a premium on maintaining high-quality standards in both our valves and our services.

Devoting human and financial resources, along with our commitment to quality, we always perform at our best to manufacture reliable valves that surpass global certification requirements.

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