Pneumatic Control Valve

Size Range
NPS1/ 2′′~NPS 8′′ DN20-DN200
Temperature Range
Pressure Rating
CLB150~CL600 PN10~PN64
Pneumatic Control Valve

Specification parameters

Name Pneumatic Control Valve
Size NPS1/ 2′′~NPS 8′′     DN20-DN200
Pressure CLB150~CL600     PN10~PN64
Temperature -40°C~450°C

Part materials:

Valve body, bonnet HT200, ZG230-450, ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti
Spool, seat 1Cr18Ni9Ti, Stellite alloy surfacing
Soft Sealed Spool Enhanced PTFE
filler polytetrafluoroethylene, flexible graphite
Bellows 1Cr18Ni9Ti
shims Rubber asbestos board, 10, 1Cr18Ni9Ti, asbestos wound gasket
film cover A3
Corrugated diaphragm Ningqing rubber clip reinforced polyester fabric
spring 60SIMN
Valve, putter 2Cr13, 1Cr18Ni9Ti
Bushing 2Cr13

Product Description

   The ZXP new series of pneumatic control valve feature a top-guide structure with multiple spring actuators. The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, sensitive action, fluid flow channel S-flow type, small pressure drop loss, large valve capacity, accurate flow characteristics, convenient assembly and disassembly, and the like. It is widely used to precisely control media such as gas and liquid. Process parameters such as pressure, flow, temperature and liquid level are kept at a given value. It is especially suitable for work situations where the leakage pressure is small and the pressure difference is small.

   This series of products are available in standard, adjustable cut-off type, bellows seal type, jacket insulation type and so on. Applicable fluid temperature from -200 ° C ~ 560 ° C range of various grades. The leakage standard is Class IV or Class VI. The flow characteristics are linear or equal percentage. A wide variety of specifications are available.

Product Features:

1. Top-guide single-seat control valve with compact structure, few components and easy maintenance.

2, metal valve core is suitable for a variety of work, up to Class IV leakage standards, ZXPQ type soft seal structure valve core up to VI level leakage standard.

3. The valve body is designed according to the principle of fluid mechanics as a low-flow flow path with equal section and the rated flow coefficient is increased by 30%.

4, the adjustable range is large, and the inherent adjustable ratio is 50.

5. The actuator adopts a multi-spring structure, which reduces the height by 30% and reduces the weight by 30%.

6, ZXPV bellows sealed type regulating valve, forming a complete seal on the moving valve stem to block the leakage of fluid.

7, ZXPJ type control valve with thermal insulation jacket, used for fluid cooling, easy to crystallize, solidification caused by blockage.

Connection criteria:

Flange standard cast iron flange according to GB4216.5-84

Casting steel flange according to GB9113-88JB/T79-94

Flange sealing surface type: PN10 and PN16 are convex surfaces; PN40PN64 is concave and convex surface, and the valve body is concave.

Film signal interface of film actuator: internal thread M16×1.5

Jacket insulation type jacketed heat carrier interface: butt welding φ18×4

*The valve body flange and flange end face distance can be manufactured according to user-specified standards.

For example: ANSIJISJPI and other standards


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