Electric control valve

Size Range
NPS1/ 2′′~NPS 8′′ DN20-DN200
Temperature Range
Pressure Rating
CLB150~CL600 PN10~PN64

Specification parameters

Name Electric control valve
Size NPS1/ 2′′~NPS 8′′     DN20-DN200
Pressure CLB150~CL600     PN10~PN64
Temperature -40°C~450°C
Signal is 0 ~ 10mA.DC or 4 ~ 20mA.DC
Use Metallurgy, Energy System

Part parameters:

Valve body, bonnet HT200, ZG230-450, ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti
Spool ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti, Stellite alloy surfacing reinforced polytetrafluoroethylene
filler polytetrafluoroethylene, flexible graphite
Pusher, bushing 2Cr13
shims Rubber asbestos board, 10, 1Cr18Ni9Ti asbestos winding gasket
Bellows 1Cr18Ni9Ti

Product Description

   This series of electric single-seat control valves are suitable for applications where the differential pressure is small, the viscosity of the medium is large or there are some particulate impurities. The electric sleeve adjusting valve is suitable for occasions with large pressure difference. The material of the inner part of the valve is divided into metal and non-metal. When the valve is closed, the leakage can reach the level of VI (zero leakage). According to different fillers, it can be divided into general packing seal and bellows seal. The former is used in general occasions, while the latter is used in important occasions where no leakage is allowed. The flow characteristics are linear or equal percentage. Different actuators can be divided into two types: normal type and electronic type. A wide variety of varieties are available.

Product Features:

The equal-section low flow resistance flow path designed according to the fluid mechanics principle of the valve body, the rated flow coefficient is increased by 30%.

The adjustable range is large, the inherent adjustable ratio is 50, and the flow characteristics are straight and equal.

Electric sleeve adjusting valve The valve plug is provided with upper and lower pressure equalizing holes, the unbalanced force is small, the valve stability is good, the sleeve is interchangeable, and the pressure difference is large.

The adjustment cut-off type uses a soft-sealed valve body to meet the Class VI leakage standard (zero leakage).

The servo amplifier uses deep dynamic negative feedback to improve the accuracy of automatic adjustment.

The electric operator can be used in many forms and can be used for 4~20mA. DC or 0~10mA.DC.

The electronic electric control valve directly controls the valve opening by the current signal, eliminating the need for a servo amplifier.

The bellows-sealed regulator valve forms a complete seal on the moving stem to block fluid leakage.        

allowable leakage

single hard seal seat: IV grade soft seal: VI Class

hard sealing sleeve: II Level soft seal: VI Class

How it works

Electrical switch type open

Usage ambient temperature (°C)

Electric regulating valve: -20~70°C servo amplifier: 0~50°C

Using ambient humidity

Electric regulating valve: ≤95% servo amplifier: ≤85%

Power supply voltage


Connection criteria:

Flange standard: cast iron flange according to GB4216-84, cast iron flange according to GB9113-88

Flange sealing surface type: PN10 and PN16 are convex surfaces

PN40 and PN64 are concave and convex surfaces, and the valve body is concave.

Structure length: GB12221-89

Jacket insulation type jacketed heat carrier interface: butt welding φ18×4

The valve body flange and flange end face distance can be manufactured according to user-specified standards. Such as ANSI, JIS, DIN and other standards.

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