Gas Butterfly Valve

Size Range
2" ~ 36" (DN50~DN900)
Temperature Range
Natural rubber ≤ 85°C, EPDM ≤100°C
Pressure Rating
150LB (PN10~PN16)
Operation Type
Manual, worm gear, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic
Gas Butterfly Valve

Specification parameters

Name Gas butterfly valve
Size 2" ~ 36" (DN50~DN900)
Pressure 150LB (PN10~PN16)
Temperature Natural rubber ≤ 85°C,  EPDM ≤100°C
Drive Mode Manual, worm gear, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic
Applicable media Coking gas, blast furnace gas, air, etc.

Main parts materials

valve body Gray cast iron, ductile iron
butterfly plate carbon steel coated rubber, carbon steel coated fluoroplastic, stainless steel duplex stainless steel plate 1.4529, C276
Valve Natural rubber, EPDM rubber
Valve lever stainless steel, 2Cr13, 304

Product introduction

The gas butterfly valve is a special valve for coking gas, blast furnace gas and gas generator gas transmission pipeline. It is to solve the coal tar in coking coal gas. There are many fly ash in the blast furnace gas, and the hot gas temperature in the gas generator gas is high. Ordinary butterfly valve sealing effect is not good, the valve shaft is easy to lock, the butterfly valve is easy to leak outside and under the seal, and a new type of special valve developed. It adopts the most reliable double sealing and anti-lock bushing, and the butterfly valve sealing structure has a face seal to a line seal. It has the characteristics of good sealing performance, safety, no leakage and long service life. It overcomes the use of ordinary valves. The gas pipeline, the aging of the filler is easy to leak, the valve shaft is easy to lock, and the butterfly valve can not open and close. It is the replacement product of the gas valve in the steel, coking and fertilizer industries.


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