Stainless Steel Gate

Stainless Steel Gate

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Stainless Steel Gate
Product Description

Specification parameters

Valve Name Stainless steel gate, steel gate
Valve Model SYZ,SFZ
Valve Specifications 200×200~4000×4000
Valve pressure 0.1MPa
Drive Mode Handwheel, hand, and flashlight
Applicable media Clear water, sewage, sea water

Product introduction

 Xingfeng company stainless steel gate product structure: including gate frame, gate, sealing strip, valve stem, bracket and so on. The stainless steel gate is generally soft rubber seal. The stainless steel gate is light in weight, good in corrosion resistance, good in water stopping performance, good in anti-corrosion performance, long in service life, bi-directional pressure-bearing condition and good sealing performance. The cross-section of the gate of the stainless steel gate is equal to the channel width; the ultra-wide type can be made into a double lifting point to open and close, and the adaptability to the channel depth is strong.

Stainless steel gate features:

1. Light weight: about 1/3 of the weight of the cast iron gate;

2. Corrosion resistance: acid resistance and most corrosive chemicals and sewage, seawater;

3. Good sealing: rubber-to-metal sealing, good sealing performance;

4. The torque is small: due to the light weight of the ram, the frictional resistance of the ram and the guide rail and the rubber sealing strip is small, so the operating torque of the hand wheel is small;

5. Long life: the sealing surface wears very little and has a long service life;

6. Easy to install: the gate frame is fixed by secondary concrete pouring, which is convenient and reliable.