Stacked Beam Gate Valve

Stacked Beam Gate Valve

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Stacked Beam Gate Valve
Product Description

Specification parameters:

Use Multiple beam gates are generally used as service gates
Applicable media Sewage, water, seawater, etc.
Applicable temperature ≤50°C
Remarks Working head of stacked beam gate: less than 5m

Main components:

door slot stainless steel, carbon steel
Stacked beam gate valve Stainless steel, aluminum alloy, carbon steel
Sealing stop rubber

Product introduction:

The structure of the stacked beam gate valve is simple, its own weight is light, the lifting force is small, and the handling is convenient. The water stop between the gate and the gate is sealed by its own weight, and the integrity of the water retaining structure is slightly worse than that of the steel gate. The leakage is slightly larger than the steel gate, so the stacked beam gate is suitable for temporary water retention or inspection of the gate.

The new stacked beam gate valve are equipped with pretensioning devices. The stacked beam gate valve with pretensioning device has a bolt bolt and a nut locking device between the upper gate and the lower gate. When the shutter is closed, the locking device is locked, which will improve the sealing effect. It has been proved that the stacked beam gate with pretensioning device has a significantly reduced leakage compared with the common type of stacked beam gate. The large-diameter stacked beam gate lifting adopts a special catching mechanism, which is correct in position, sensitive in action and convenient to operate, and is welcomed by many customers.

Product use: Stacked beam gates are widely used in water plants, sewage treatment plants, power plants and other industries. Used for interception.

Features: The stacked beam gates are installed in the channel, and the stacked beams are manually placed into the channel, which has

Insert, easy to lift, light weight, reliable sealing, good strength, long life and easy maintenance.