Electric Hoist

Electric Hoist

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Electric Hoist
Product Description

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Product Name Electric hoist, flashlight dual-purpose hoist
Product Model QD

Product Description:

QD series flashlight dual-purpose hoist is an all-round multi-function hoist with the following obvious advantages:

1. High safety performance with double protection against torque protection and travel limit;

2, easy to operate, can realize remote control and on-site operation, single control and centralized control, etc.;

3, with opening indication, accurate and reliable, with opening and closing light signal indication;

4. It can be used in various forms such as ordinary type, outdoor type and explosion-proof type, which can adapt to the needs of various environments.

The flashlight dual-purpose hoist adopts the reciprocating motion of the hydraulic cylinder to realize the opening and closing of the gates of the slab gate, the fast flat door, the curved door and the herringbone gate, especially for the opening and closing of the large gate, which has the limit position. Protection and overload protection, buffering, lock speed regulation and other functions as well as low cost, easy installation and long service life