Electric Flapper Valve

Electric Flapper Valve

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Electric Flapper Valve
Product Description

Specification parameters

Product Name Electric flapper valve (circular flapper valve and square flapper valve)
Product Model LC-I, LMD-I
Nominal diameter DN200-3000
Applicable temperature ≤300°C (Special temperature order consultation)
Drive Mode Electric
Applicable media Material, solid powder, small particle material

Product introduction

flapper valve is one of the main products of Xingfeng. This series of flapper valves is mainly composed of frame, valve plate, valve stem and electric actuator. When working, the valve stem is driven by electric actuator and nut to drive the shutter to reciprocate horizontally to achieve the purpose of opening and closing the valve. . According to the size of the plug-in valve, the working conditions are different, the materials and structure are different. Welcome to inquire and negotiate. The plug-in valve is a main control device for the flow or transportation of materials, dust, pellets and small materials. It is widely used in metallurgy, mining, building materials, grain, chemical and other industries to control flow changes or cut off quickly. The electric flapper valve produced by Xingfeng Company has high quality and competitive price, and the company continuously introduces new high-performance products. The flapper valve is divided into two-way and one-way, generally adopting one-way flapper valve