Channel Gate Valve

Channel Gate Valve

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Channel Gate Valve
Product Description

Specification parameters

Product Name Channel Gate
Product Model QZM,CBZ
Nominal diameter NPS 4′′~NPS 80′′ DN200×200~2000×2000
pressure range CLB10     PN1~PN6
Working temperature -20°C~+100°C
Applicable media water
Body Material carbon steel, stainless steel

Product introduction

The channel gate is also called the plug-in gate, and the water-stopping board is made of stainless steel, carbon steel and other materials. The channel gate is suitable for use in the middle of the water station, the sewage treatment plant and the industrial wastewater treatment plant, or used to flush the gutter to cut or control the water flow. The channel gate is the gate produced by Xingfeng Valve Company to introduce foreign advanced technology. The channel gate adopts rubber soft seal, which has the functions of light weight, flexible operation, anti-corrosion, no rust, convenient installation and maintenance, reliable sealing, etc. Drainage, drainage, oil, chemical, metallurgy, environmental protection, electric power, Tanggu, rivers and other projects, as a cut-off, regulation of flow and control of water levels. The working medium is raw water, fresh water and sewage at normal temperature.

Main features of the channel gate:

  1. The cross-section of the channel gate is equal to the channel width; the ultra-wide type can be made into double lifting points to open and close.
  2. It has strong adaptability to the depth of the channel; it has the characteristics of simple structure and convenient installation.
  3. Rubber seal, good water stopping performance;
  4. It can be equipped with a manual or flashlight dual-purpose screw hoist.