Cast Iron Inlaid Copper Gate

Cast Iron Inlaid Copper Gate

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Cast Iron Inlaid Copper Gate
Product Description

Specification parameters

Product Name Cast iron inlaid copper gates
Product Model ZMQY,SYZ
Nominal diameter NPS 4′′~NPS 80′′ DN200×200~2000×2000
pressure range CLB10     PN1
Working temperature -20°C~+100°C
Applicable media water
Body Material cast iron, ductile iron
Structure form Bright and Dark Rod
Installation form Back wall type (with wall type), flange type
Drive Mode Handwheel, hand, and flashlight
Applicable media Sewage, seawater, clean water

Product Description

The cast iron inlaid copper gate is installed under the pool, and the hole is opened in the pool wall. The cast iron inlaid copper gate is installed in the pool opening. The platform is equipped with a hoist, and the hoist and the valve body are connected by a valve stem.

Product use: Cast iron inlay gates are widely used in urban water supply and drainage, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, irrigation, power, textile and other industries for water treatment structures to achieve flow and level water level control is water supply and drainage and sewage treatment Important equipment. Cast iron inlaid copper gates are commonly used in pipelines and junction caves, sedimentation tanks, sedimentation tanks, diversion channels, pumping station inlets, etc.

Product structure: Cast iron inlaid copper gate is mainly composed of gate seat, gate plate, copper seal, adjusting wedge and lifting part. It has reasonable structure design, good sealing performance, strong anti-corrosion performance and long service life. Easy to install, open and close, its structure is square, rectangular, round, open and close, manual or electric.