Box Type Door Valve

Box Type Door Valve

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Box Type Door Valve
Product Description

Specification parameters

Product Name Box door valve
Product Model FPM
Nominal diameter NPS 2′′~NPS 80′′ DN50~DN2000
pressure range CLB10     PN1~PN6
Working temperature -20°C~+100°C
Applicable media water
Body Material carbon steel, stainless steel

Product introduction

The box type door valve is used as a check valve at the outlet of the drain pipe, and has an automatic closing function to prevent the river tide from flowing backward. The shape can be divided into a square flap door and a round flap door. Generally, a large-caliber pontoon type flap door is used to facilitate opening and closing of the valve.

Structural features: The pontoon type door produced by our factory is divided into two types: the round flap door (PM-Y type) and the square flap door (PM-F type). Both are double hinged, with simple structure and sealing. Good character and so on. The maximum working water pressure is 6m head. The pontoon type door is a new type of door that has been improved on the basis of the door. The pontoon type door absorbs the advantages of the spherical bonnet. The pontoon type door is also a one-way valve installed at the outlet of the riverside drain pipe. When the tidal level of the river is higher than the outlet pipe and the pressure is greater than the pressure inside the pipe, the door panel is automatically closed to prevent the river tidal water from pouring into the drainage. Inside the pipeline. It is mainly installed at the end of the drainage pipe to prevent external water from being poured. Applicable to water conservancy systems, municipal sewage, urban flood control and drainage, sewage treatment plants, waterworks, etc.